Either you pay or I will tie you up

Scarlett is tired of her roommates not paying the rent and they don’t stop bothering her, she enters the room where Lala and Lex are, she tells them that if they don’t pay the rent they will have to leave immediately. They don’t want to leave but they don’t have any money either so they offer Scarlett to choose another solution. Scarlett tells them that she wants to tie them up and humiliate them, they both agree to stay.

First he starts with Lala, Lex helps Scarlett to tie up Lala, he takes her hands and ties her with a long rope behind her back, Scarlett likes to enjoy this moment and to be able to be in control. Then she will tie her ankles together with more rope and her thighs, finally she will finish with her chest with many meters of rope, to make sure she stays nice and still.

Then it’s Lex’s turn, it’s her turn to be tied, Scarlett follows the same steps as with Lala. When she finishes tying them both up, to make sure they will be quiet and undisturbed all day, she puts their socks in each of their mouths and gags them with a tight handkerchief.

Finally she leaves and leaves her companions trying to fight against the ropes, while they move around the bed trying to untie each other but it is useless, they have no choice but to accept that they are going to have a very long day tied up.


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