Nurse hogtied and gagged by crazy girl

Lex is a nurse arriving home from a long shift at the hospital, arriving in her nurse’s uniform. Waiting for her at home is Dita, a patient who is sick in the head and has become obsessed with her. Dita attacks Lex from behind and throws her to the floor, Lex screams for help, at that moment the doorbell rings, but to stop her from screaming, Dita gags her with her filthy socks and quickly ties her hands behind her back. She obliges her to get up and takes her to a room with a bed to tie her up more comfortably. To make sure the socks will be tight in Lex’s mouth, she wraps a lot of tape around her mouth. Dita has several meters of rope, ties her arms, thighs and ankles together and then ties her ankles to her torso, making a hogtied knot, so that every time Lex moves, the ropes will get tighter. He still has plenty of rope left to use, he will continue to have fun and tie her up, while Lex cries desperately because he knows he can’t escape or what will happen to her. Once she finishes Dita leaves the room and leaves Lex to continue crying for a long 15 minutes, struggling with her impossible to undo bindings. Finally Dita returns to the room to put an end to Lex’s crying…

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