This trip is a ruin

Butterfly and Kryla are two friends who are on a trip to Barcelona, Kryla wants to go sightseeing, but Butterfly prefers to waste her time with make photos for her social networks. Kryla is verytired and wants to give her a punishment so that she leaves her cell phone behind. She will immobilize her with his strength after a fight, she puts his arms behind her back to make her stay still so he can tie her with very strong sdhesive bandages, Butterfly has a very athletic body and she moves to untie herself, but she can’t, the bandages are too strong. Krylla will gag with a ballgag so thah she stops talking and the oder tourist in the hotel, can hear her, she will also tie her legs together so thaht she can’t walk in the bandages.

Now that she has her as she wants, she will continue to tie her with straps on her torso and legs to make sure that it is impossible for her to free herself. Butterfly struggles a lot but she knows there is nothing she can do, she has been tied too tightly. Kryla also wants to take advantage of her friend and play with her and her body…

How complicated the Sunday afternoon and the trip has become for Butterfly.

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