Bad girl humiliates her boyfriend’s paramour

Lex is a sexy who is at home enjoying her day off until Butterfly arrives, a girl with a very bad temper who is jealous because Lex is chatting with her boyfriend and can not spoil him, so she seeks to teach a lesson to the young Lex so that it does not happen again.

She locates where Lex lives and surprises her in her house, breaks in and throws her to the ground, pinning her down with her strong legs so she can’t escape while she pulls out the duct tape. Butterfly ties her hands behind her back with heavy duty duct tape, once she makes sure she can’t move them, she pulls some very sweaty socks out of her backpack and stuffs them in Lex’s mouth, she tries to spit them out, but Butterfly starts twirling her around with duct tape, she twirls her around a lot, Lex notices all the taste of the sweat from the socks in her mouth, it’s disgusting. Butterfly doesn’t stop insulting and humiliating her, now he ties her chest, feet, ankles and legs with tape. Lex is tied up tightly, she knows she won’t escape but Butterfly loves to tie her up and make sure she will have no way to escape, she puts several ties on her hands and feet, and hogtied her ankles together with her hands, Lex is totally immobile at the feet of a madwoman.

Butterfly has a little fun with her before leaving, putting her sweaty, stinky feet in Lex’s face to humiliate her for a while. Finally to make sure Lex won’t talk to her boyfriend again, she takes some pictures of him and blackmails him by telling him that if he ever talks again, she’ll publish the pictures of Lex tied up and humiliated. How the days off change in seconds..

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