Burglar Ties Up, Interrogates and Robs Burglar

Persefone is a sexy young thief in leather, the day before she stole a lot of money from a house, there was another thief Tenjou, who also wanted to steal from the same house, but Persefone beat her to it. Tenjou followed her to steal from her.

Persefone arrives at her house, she sees the lights on, Tenjou is waiting for her, she attacks him and with ropes ties his hands behind his back, asks him to tell her where he has hidden the money, but Persefone refuses, Tenjou takes a sock and gags her, then ties her legs on the floor, with a small rope he ties her toes together. When he has Persefone tied on the floor, Tenjou starts to interrogate her, Persefone doesn’t want to say anything and Tenjou starts to lick the soles of her feet with his tongue. After several minutes without getting Persefone to confess, she decides to look for the money herself. While Persefone, who is a professional escape artist, as she has been tied up more than once, manages to untie herself from the ropes, when she is about to untie herself completely, Tenjou intervenes, ties her hands tighter and takes her to the room.

She throws Persefone on the bed and ties her feet on the bed bar, Tenjou starts tickling her with his hands to make Persefone confess and also to lick her feet, as she moves them too much, he ties again the rope on her toes to the bed bar, Persefone is having a horrible time, she feels the tickling and can’t do anything, finally she confesses to Tenjou that she has kept it in the trunk of the car parked in her parking lot. Tenjou goes to check it out and leaves her tied up. Persefone manages again to untie herself, this time she wants revenge and wants to tie Tenjou up, she hides in the bathroom and waits for him to come back.

Tenjou comes back with the money bag, she sees that Persefone is not there and is attacked by her from behind, they fight on the bed, but Tenjou wins Persefone again, she is tired of being untied so much, now she will show no mercy, she ties her very very tightly in hogtied, and gags her again. As punishment she decides that she will also steal things from him, she goes to look for things and finds a vibrator, she finds it funny the idea of tying it to Persefone’s pussy and leaving it on.

She takes all the money in the bag and leaves, leaving her victim tied up on the bed in hogtied while a vibrator gives her pleasure and distracts her so she can untie herself. Will there be revenge?


34 min / 1,23 GB

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