Girl mummified and restrained by her sexy friend

Lex and Aly are spending a pajama night in bed, Aly proposes to Lex to play escapism, tie and then untie, Lex likes the idea and accepts, first it is Lex’s turn, she gently ties with tape on hands and feet and then gags her, Aly barely takes seconds to untie, she wins the first round since she manages to escape. Now it’s Aly’s turn, she prefers the ropes, she also ties Lex’s hands and ankles and with a handkerchief she makes a cleave gag, Lex starts to untie herself, it takes her a little longer than Aly, she manages it, although she has managed to escape, she knows she has taken longer than Aly and that makes her envious, Lex does not accept to be in second place, so she slyly seeks revenge, she encourages Aly to try again to tie her with tape, Aly accepts.

Lex begins to mummify the upper part of Aly’s body, hands and arms in mummy position, then ties the legs until reaching the ankles, Aly complains that she can not get loose is impossible, she has too much tape, Lex with a handkerchief, gags Aly’s mouth by putting it in her mouth tightly and with tape gags her gagging many turns making a tight wrap gag,. Aly can only do mmmmmpphphphhh. Lex doesn’t trust that she can escape, so with rope he decides to tie Aly’s mummified body to the bed with different anchors, to prevent Aly from moving or mummified, finally he puts a mask on her so she can’t see anything that will happen next.

You can let go now – Lex tells her, while she takes off her clothes and stays in lingerie, Lex takes out a powerful vibrator, and starts to play with Aly, she presses the vibrator well so that Aly feels it, it is a very powerful vibrator. Lex plays with her friend for a few minutes, finally, she decides to leave, but before she leaves the vibrator strapped to Aly’s body, turned on at full power… Aly will be able to focus on trying to escape, or she will be too distracted with pleasure….


27 min /  2,5 GB

18,15 $