2 girls tie up, humiliate and rich boy

Jack is the step-step-son of a rich family, he is at home when two kidnapers enter, they are Katarsis and Carla, they come in and immediately throw themselves on top of Jack to reduce him. They lay him down on the floor, between the two of them they manage to put his hands behind him and tie them with handcuffs, Jack is already impossible to escape or to fight, they exchange insults, Carla takes out a big gag and puts it in Jack’s mouth so he can’t say anything, he can no longer understand her, he can only hear her saying mmmfff while drooling.

Then they tie his feet, thighs and legs with a lot of tape, and then they tie his chest with more tape, Jack is a little mummified and can barely move. Now begins the humiliation of Carla and Katarsis, they stomp with their feet all over his face while also spitting and insulting him, telling him that they are going to steal everything and leave him with nothing.

The humiliation and kidnaping of Jack is not over yet, to make him look better for the photo that they will send to his parents to blackmail them, they take a chair and sit him there between the two, once he is seated they wrap him with a lot of tape together with the chair, so that he is well stuck to it and can not even get up, they tie his chest and legs to the chair. At the end they tell him that they have a present for him, they remove the big gag from his mouth, Jack can barely rest his jaw, Katarsis and Carla take off their used panties from all day and put them in Jack’s mouth very tight, they barely fit the two panties in his mouth, so he can’t take them off, they tape his mouth with a lot of tape, covering his mouth from his ears to his chin.

Finally, after several insults and mockery, they take the photo to send it to Jack’s parents and blackmail them with a ransom if they want to see their step-step-son again… how hard life has become in Barcelona.


16 min / 1,1 GB

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