Leather Dates (Part 2)

This is the second part of Leather Dates. If you want a custom video, you can order yours here.

Tenjou goes for a massage like every month, what she doesn’t know is that Mayla, who previously robbed her house and left her tied up, has bribed the masseur to let her in so she can take revenge. Mayla enters the room with material to tie up Tenjou, who hasn’t noticed that her masseur has left. Mayla starts to massage Tenjou’s back and when she sees the opportunity, she blocks his arms and puts a leather armbinder on him, to block his arms and tie him up, Tenjou is surprised, how did you manage to find me and get in here, she is confused and doesn’t understand anything, Mayla quickly puts a sock in his mouth and gags him with a leather scarf, so that Tenjou can’t talk or scream. She takes several leather straps, binds Tenjou’s feet, legs, arms and chest, to finish with a tight hogtied, Tenjou is tied very tightly, with ultra-strong straps, it is impossible for her to escape from there.

Mayla now has her burglar under her control, she takes a massage oil and massages her feet with it to make the soles of Tenjou’s feet shiny. She takes a strong bamboo stick and starts to whip Tenjou’s feet, Tenjou is writhing in pain, but there is nothing she can do, with every whip Tenjou moans mmmmmphhhhhhh, Mayla’s revenge will take forever, Mayla kisses and massages his feet and at the same time whips them hard, you will see a bastinado scene with hardly any cuts.

Mayla demands forgiveness from her while she keeps on spanking her hard, Tenjou who is wishing this nightmare to end, tries to ask for forgiveness, but she is not understood and Mayla keeps on with her punishment.

When Mayla decides to have mercy on her, she leaves and leaves Tenjou hogtied on the masseur’s table, still writhing with pain and dignity.


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