Leather Dates

Mayla and Tenjou have met through a new dating app for leather and bdsm lovers and fetishists. They arrange a first date at Mayla’s house, she’s dressed in a low-cut leather top and tight leather trousers, Tenjou, also in leather trousers and a white leather jacket. They both shyly start to talk and gradually get closer and closer, caressing each other, enjoying the leather.

Mayla takes the leather straps she has ready with all the leather bdsm material. She offers Tenjou to tie her up, she accepts, Mayla puts straps all over her body, from her chest to her ankles, restraining her like a mummification, she can’t move, Mayla takes a handkerchief and makes a cleavegag, then with a special leather bandana, she gags her in OTM gag. Mayla takes Tenjou on the floor, gets on top of her and rubs her whole leather body all over Tenjou, puts her ass on her face, and moves very sensually on top of her, Tenjou who can’t do anything, enjoys the experience.

When it’s over, Mayla unties Tenjou, who offers her to change roles, she chooses an armbinder to tie Mayla up, puts it on her arms, locking them, then with the straps she ties Mayla’s legs and then in a tight hogtied. She takes the harness gag (you can buy it in our official WonderKink shop) and gags Mayla. When Tenjou makes sure that Mayla is totally tied up and can’t escape from there, the plot changes, she takes Mayla’s wallet and her credit cards, also her mobile phone and leaves. Mayla, who can’t believe what is happening, tries as best she can to untie herself, writhing and crying because her date has ended much worse than she expected… who wants to use the new app?


27 min / 1,9 GB

14,52 $