Beautiful latin hogtied and gagged by her friend

After a long and hard at work, Arepita, a young latina, finally gets to put on some comfy clothes and sit on the couch to enjoy her favorite TV show. Her naughty girlfriend Andy however is anxious to see the newest movie on Netflix but Arepita doesn’t want to. Andy decides not to put up with her so she quickly takes her ropes and decides to tie her up with her hands behind her back. Arepita is too tired to fight back. Since she likes so much to play with ropes and she always has some laying around, Andy ties her girlfriend’s arms behind the back with countless knots making it impossible for Arepita to fight back or escape. However, this latina is not giving up and she keeps complaining, so much that it pisses off Andy who decides to take her favorite red ballgag and shove it in Arepita’s mouth, tightening it so hard that all you can hear are her muffled moans. Young and strong, she keeps trying to resist as she gets her legs and feet locked together with more rope.

Andy loves playing games and being bad, so she takes advantage of Arepita’s vulnerability to use her favorite personalised paddle and starts slapping Arepita’s naked and beautiful feet, right on the soles. Drooling and moaning is all that Arepita can do as her mouth is filled with the gag until Andy has had enough of playing.

Once she’s had enough of humiliating Arepita, she decides that the punishment is not over yet, there’s a lot more rope left and one last surprise. Using the leftover rope, Andy creates the perfect hogtie for Arepita, leaving her on the floor with her hair tied to her legs, bent hard, rope tensed, drooling herself, humiliated, completely under Andy’s control.

Now, Andy can finally enjoy her movie, using Arepita as her footstool. Sorry Arepita, but it seems that this is the extended version so prepare yourself to smell Andy’s feet for a long time. Relax and enjoy being a piece of furniture for more than a couple of hours.

Spanish / MP4 / FULLHD 1080

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