The Lucky Roulette Game: Lucy & Jack

Lucy and Jack are best friends, one evening they are at Lucy’s house, hanging out, Jack is discouraged and Lucy has long wanted their relationship to go beyond friends, there is unresolved sexual tension. Lucy tells Jack that they could play a game but Jack ignores her, Lucy tired of her friend’s negativity, grabs a roll of tape, sits on top of him, locks his arms and ties his hands with tape. In the next scene we see Jack completely mummified with duct tape and bound with leather belts on the floor.

Lucy takes off her clothes on top of him, she stays in her lingerie, takes off her socks and stuffs them in Jack’s mouth, who tries to spit them out but Lucy gags him with several strips of duct tape in his mouth. Lucy takes a drawer with a hole in the middle and puts Jack in there, Jack’s head is totally blocked in the hole of the furniture that looks like a toilet.

Lucy brings a roulette with several written practices, she tells Jack that the game consists in that the practice that she touches, she will do it with him during the time of 1 minute. All the practices will be repeated until he has completed all of them at least once.

The practices are:

Sitting in your house, Breasts on face, Spitting in your mouth, Licking your face with tongue, Vibrator stimulation, Feet on face and Nose pinching while controlling your breathing.

What fun games there are in Bondage Kitties…


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