Little girl ties up and plays with intruder boy


An idiot has sneaked into my house, he is on the sofa napping, I think about calling the police, but I prefer to give him a punishment, he doesn’t know who I am and what I like to do with idiot men.

I wake him up, I threaten him that I am going to call the police, he begs me not to, he is useless, as he crawls, I go for rope and tell him to stay still, I tie his hands behind his back so he can’t defend himself with them, and his ankles so he can’t escape. I take a dirty handkerchief and stick it in his mouth, deep inside, fuck him, and gag him with another handkerchief making a cleavegag. Let’s play, asshole. I’m going to fuck him well, I sit on top of him, I squeeze his neck with both hands and choke him while I look him in the eyes, he tries to hold on, but he can’t do anything, I’ve tied him very well, he can’t scream either, he’s gagged. I remove the gag, I cover his mouth with my hand while with the other I continue to choke him and control his breathing. How fun it is to see him suffer and how he tries to ask for compassion, this has just begun. Next level, I put his head between my legs and squeeze them tightly. With my calves I squeeze his neck, he moves while his eyes close and I smile while I watch him. Next level, I’m going to give him some pleasure, I put his nose between my breasts, and squeeze them hard, so he still can not breathe, at the same time I get horny and want more, I make him a facesitting sitting my pussy in his mouth and nose, he has no choice but to try to breathe while he smells my pussy. I’m getting too hot at this game, I take off my shirt, and taking advantage of the fact that I have sweated, I put my armpit in his nose, smell my sweat pig and enjoy it, it’s the only thing you’re going to drink today.

He’s had enough for now, I want a break, but I’ll continue playing with him later, I take off my used panties from all day and put them in his mouth, to make sure he tastes them well, I gag him hard with several turns of duct tape and leave, let him stay there tied on the floor until I come back.



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