2 girls double mummified together by bad girls

Aisha, Nereida and Tenjou are three thieves who have just made a robbery, they are escaping, the police are chasing them and they are looking for a shelter where to hide, they find an open door in a residential area. It is the bar of young Aly, today the bar is closed but Aly is taking the opportunity to do some cleaning, the three thieves interrupt and Aly wants to throw them out – what are you doing, the bar is closed, get out of here. The thieves is the only chance they have to hide, so they decide to attack the owner of the bar, between Nereida and Tenjou they hold Aly tightly, while Aisha, with a very thick pvc insulating tape, they tie her and gag her with a handkerchief inside her mouth, they mummify her whole body, from her mouth with a wrapgag to her ankles. Then they leave her on the floor so that she cannot move or do anything.

Tenjou is an undercover cop, she tells her colleagues that she is going to make a call to get someone to get them out of there, her intentions are not that, it is to inform on her fellow cops. Aisha and Nereida already knew it and had it ready, but not so soon, they had to improvise, they take Tenjou before she can make the call and also, with the adhesive tape, they gag her and mummify her just like Aly. They are both tied up like butterfly cocoons.

Nereida and Aisha know that they will be hidden there for hours, so to make sure that Aly and Tenjou won’t try to do anything, they place them standing back to back, with a beam in between them, with more tape, Aisha and Nereida, tie them together against the beam, whole again, now they are doubly mummified, tied together against a beam.

Now they can relax without having to worry, just wait for a good time to escape from the city.



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