Infiltrated female police bound with tape

Katarsis is the leader of a group of robbers, she is preparing her next heist with her leather gang, Silver and Lex, all three are wearing tight leather jackets and pants. Katarsis knows that Lex and Silver are undercover cops, so when Silver gets a call and leaves the room, she nimbly takes the opportunity to attack Lex and with duct tape tie her hands very quickly behind the chair, she is very skillful and even though Lex is much taller than her, she manages to tie her up. Then he gags her with a handkerchief making her a cleavegag so she can’t scream or ask for help to her partner, she can only make mmmfff. He continues tying her chest against the chair with lots and lots of tape, then her ankles and thighs against the chair, it’s impossible for Lex to do anything, she’s totally trapped and tied in that chair.

Silver returns and Katarsis hides, Silver discovers his partner tied and humiliated in the chair, he tries to untie her, but Katarsis attacks him too, he manages to take Silver to the chair and also tie her and gag her with a handkerchief, he follows the same steps he did with Lex.

When he already has the two cops tied and gagged in the chair, he prefers to humiliate them a little more, he takes Silver’s socks and puts them in Lex’s mouth, Lex is tasting Silver’s sweaty socks from all day in his mouth, then he gags her with a lot of tape around her mouth making a wrapgag. He does the same to Silver but with Lex’s socks in his mouth.

To continue his humiliation, katarsis puts the two’s chair together back to back, takes more duct tape and ties them together, one to the other, so they are tightly bound together. He puts an uncovered traitor police sign on them and puts tape over their eyes, so they can’t see. Finally he goes away and leaves them there tied up until someone comes to rescue them if they really find out where they are.


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