Girls, Leather, lots of duct tape and Christmas

In this special Christmas custom, Yana and Tenjou are leather-loving roommates, they are sitting at home, put on their leather jackets and close them completely, start to lick the sleeves and rub their noses strongly on the wet sleeves. They both love the smell of wet leather.

They are in a Christmas mood so they call Lex their dominatrix as a gift to themselves. He instructs them that while he is on his way, they are to self-gag themselves with ballgags and 2 long strips of X-shaped tape over the gags.

Lex arrives in his leather jacket and pants. Lex rubs his hands over Yana and Tenjou’s tape gags, and also gags with a long strip of duct tape and 2 more strips of X-shaped tape over his gag.

The girls are happily mmmmmmmmphhhhhhg.

Lex wraps each of Yana’s hands completely with the tape, ties Yana’s hands together behind her back with the tape, ties her upper body with lots of chair tape, ties her legs completely and feet, and legs to the chair and then does the same with Tenjou.

Now he puts Tenjou’s socks in Yana’s mouth and the other way around and makes a wrapgag, from the ears to the chin. Once gagged they start to sing Christmas songs, while Lex, takes off her socks and puts them in her mouth and also makes a self wrapgag, finally while they sing Christmas songs, Lex decorates them with Christmas lights and hats… they finish the three of them singing Christmas songs tied and gagged.



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