Girl mummified and restrained by 2 burglars

Aisha and Aly are two thieves who have a score to settle with Tenjou, it is not known what happened in the past with them, but today they will take revenge, they get ready, they put on gloves and balaclavas and enter Tenjou’s house silently, Tenjou is stretched out on the bed listening to music with headphones, Aly and Aisha jump on top of her, One holds her hands and the other gags her with a handkerchief making a cleavegag, Aly takes out of the backpack a huge roll of gray adhesive tape, to tie Tenjou, they tie her hands and arms as if she were a mummy, that tape is ultra-resistant, they give her several laps with that tape so that she is completely tied and can not move or defend herself. When they have tied all the upper part of her body, they move on to her feet and legs, Aisha ties Tenjou’s beautiful legs and Aly takes out a mask to put it on Tenjou so she can’t see what is going to happen. Finally they can take off the ski mask, he can’t see them anymore, he won’t be able to recognize them.

They continue tying her legs until they mummify her completely, her whole body is already tied and mummified, now it only remains to gag her well, they remove the gag with the handkerchief and they introduce it in her mouth well inside, then with that big tape they gag her, they make a huge and tight wrapgag.

They want to whore her more and don’t want Tenjou to know what’s going on around her while they rob her, they put her headphones on with music, now Tenjou has all senses restricted, she can neither see nor talk nor hear anything.

Aly and Aisha haven’t finished their work yet, they take out all the rope they have and tie Tenjou’s mummified body with rope, anchoring it to several points of the bed, to restrict it completely.

Now that they are done, they just have to steal whatever they want while Tenjou enjoys his mummification and relaxation session



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