Two girls tied together by burglar Lex

Lex steals again, this time in the house of young Aly, who while washing the dishes, is attacked from behind, by Lex, he drags her to the dining room, and there he takes out adhesive tape to tie her hands – Please, let me go – shouts Aly, but Lex laughs at her and continues to tie her up, he takes off her socks and puts them in her mouth, to use them as a gag, and giving her several turns of duct tape to make a nice tight wrapgag in her mouth, you can only hear her saying mmmmpggggghhh!!. He continues tying her with a lot of tape on her arms, chest, thighs, ankles and feet, almost mummified, tightening the tape so that Aly has no chance to escape, when he has her tied as he wanted and thinks that everything will go as planned, Tenjou, Aly’s roommate, arrives home, she goes to help her, Aly tries to warn her, but as she is too gagged she can’t. She also attacks Tenjou, who is also gagged, Lex also attacks Tenjou and ties and gags her just like Aly, the two roommates are tied up, Lex has control of them and their house, he puts them both together back to back and with more duct tape he ties them together by the chest, tight to each other, then he also puts their gags together, so that their heads are tied together with more tape.

Now Lex searches for their credit cards around the house, when he finds them, it doesn’t take him long to swipe all the money from Aly and Tenjou to his secret bank account, it won’t take him long to spend all the money from them, finally when he successfully finishes his robbery, he says goodbye to them, leaving them tied together helplessly and poor



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