Girl in leather bound in chair with duct tape by roommate

Lex is angry with her roommate Butterfly as she was supposed to do laundry today and it’s all dirty on the floor.

Butterfly tells Lex “I’m enjoying my new leather jacket, so I can’t do laundry today”.

Lex is very angry so she overpowers Butterfly and covers her mouth by pressing her hands tightly over Butterfly’s mouth and nose, stuffs a panty in her mouth gags her with a handkerchief and then duct tape giving her lots of twists. He makes Butterfly sit on a chair, and ties her upper body, mummifying her in the chair.

Lex now takes 3 dirty handkerchiefs and gags Butterfly again, one on top of the other, covering the whole mouth. He keeps tying, ties her legs tightly to the chair with lots of tape.

Butterfly is struggling but can’t get free. Lex grabs her hand around her neck and tells her to stop and shut up. Butterfly looks scared.

Lex removes the entire gag, takes some dirty stinky unwashed socks and rubs them over Butterfly’s face, obliges Butterfly to inhale the smell of the socks, takes the gray tape and secures the stinky socks over Butterfly’s nose by wrapping the tape many times over her nose and around her head. Butterfly fidgets with the chair because the socks smell so bad and she wants to get them off her nose, but they are stuck on so tightly.

Lex laughs and says “This is what happens if you don’t do your housekeeping”, she takes off her shoes and socks, removes the tape and socks from Butterfly’s nose, to stuff her sweaty socks from all day’s work, into Butterfly’s mouth, takes a roll of tape and wraps Butterfly in a tight, tight wrapgag….

Finally Lex now covers Butterfly’s head with the dirty panties, so Butterfly is obligated to inhale the smell of the panties, to make sure she will smell the odor for a few hours, he tapes the panties on Butterfly’s nose.

Lex laughs and teases you and says “This happens to bad girls who don’t do laundry.”



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