Yoga Trainer Facesits Mummified Client

Gen is learning yoga with her private trainer Butterfly, they are practicing some positions in the room, Butterfly tells her to change position, she takes the opportunity to correct Gen, when she attacks her, Butterfly takes advantage of her toned legs to grab Gen from behind, making Gen unable to move her arms, Butterfly takes some adhesive bandages out of her backpack and begins to mummify Gen’s chest. 

Gen wants to continue with the yoga classes, Butterfly prefers to play with her as she has done before with other students. Gen does not stop complaining, Butterfly puts her socks in her mouth and gags her with the adhesive tape, giving her a lot of head spin, now Gen can’t say anything, she can only be heard saying mmfffppgh, she can’t be understood. 

Butterfly continues with her mummification, all over her body, while telling her how much fun they will have in this class, when she finishes mummifying the torso, she takes a huge vibrator out of the backpack, puts it between Gen’s legs, touching her pussy through her panties. Butterfly takes more bandages and mummifies the legs along with the vibrator so that it is very tight against Gen’s pussy. Finally she mummifies all her legs together all the way down to her feet. 

Time to have some fun Butterfly tells her, Gen can only mmmmfffhh and barely move. Butterfly turns on the vibrator, Gen feels the full power in her pussy, it’s too much for her, Butterfly starts to lick her and put her breasts on her face, then she facesitting her ass. 

After several minutes of facesitting, class time is over, Butterfly sits down next to her, stretched out next to her, Gen thinks it’s over, but Butterfly decides to leave the vibrator running until the battery runs out, how long will Gen last like this, having orgasm after orgasm …. 


21 min / 1,5 GB

14,52 $