2 naughty girls humiliate boy

Akasha and Lex, having a bad day, want to let off steam with someone, so they call some idiot they don’t like to humiliate him, that’s Jack, an arrogant young man who always tries to pick them up. They call him to come to their house with the excuse of having a drink. Once Jack arrives home they make him believe that they want to have fun and have a drink with him, but as soon as he gets confused the two girls attack him from behind, with the strength of the two, they manage to hold Jack, put his hands behind his back and tie them with rope, Lex who is an expert binder, ties his hands tightly, while Akasha puts her feet with sweaty socks on Jack’s face and mouth, Lex continues tying Jack’s chest, feet and ankles and finally makes him a tight and strong hogtied while Akasha humiliates Jack with her feet, in different positions that makes Jack has to smell her feet with stinky socks. 

The two girls, once Jack is hogtied, take off his socks and make him lick and suck her feet, they love to feel the tongue on her nice soles, LEx in a 42 foot and Akasha in a 41. Jack will be licking and sucking the feet for several minutes until they want.

Akasha, thinks of an idea to continue humiliating Jack, they move him and tie and gag him, on a chair with more rope, Akasha takes the razor and starts shaving Jack’s head, removing his hair, then Lex perks up and shaves his head too, between the two of them they shave Jack’s head, while he is tied and gagged on a chair unable to do anything.

The young and sexy girls have already unburdened themselves with this idiot, will they continue with him? or will they look for another victim?


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