Double Agent Captured by Spanish Spies

Lex a Spanish spy working for the CNI has discovered that Sheela is a double agent, she wants to find out who she is working for, when she is very close to get it, Sheela captures her, handcuffs her to the chair in her punishment room, gags her with a ballgag, starts an interrogation, Lex is not willing to say anything, Sheela chokes her to make her talk, but Lex holds on, she is a strong girl, she knows that Shey, her partner will appear soon as Lex has a hidden locator.

Shey enters the scene, she attacks Sheela from behind, she puts her gloved hand in Shey’s mouth until she knocks her out, she unties her partner Lex from the chair, Sheela returns, they both restrain the double agent, they tie her to a post with handcuffs and tape, Shey gives her a strong wrap gag with tape so that Sheela is quiet and stops swearing and spitting. The two Spanish spies have managed to capture the double agent, they interrogate her and ask her who she really works for, but Sheela who is trained is not willing to say anything, after a few minutes of interrogation, LEx and Shey decide to abandon her and leave their prisoner tied to that post for a few hours to see if she wants to collaborate when they return…

They return to the scene, Sheela still doesn’t want to cooperate or say who sent her, so Shey and Lex untie her from the post, take her to a stretcher, put a leather armbinder on her, with straps they tie her legs and make a tight and fucked up hogtied from the boots to Sheela’s head. Shey and Lex know that their prisoner won’t last long in that uncomfortable position, so they leave her alone again until she wants to confess and collaborate with them, while she will be fucked, writhing around without being able to untie herself or escape, sooner or later we will know who Sheela K. works for…


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