Girl hogtied her crush and licks his soles

Aly and Tenjou are two young girls who are getting ready to go out to party that night, Aly makes up Tenjou, while doing so, she steals a kiss, Tenjou who has a boyfriend, does not understand what happened, Aly thinks she had a chance to flirt with Tenjou of whom she has been in love for a long time, but Tenjou tells her that she is confused and does not want to give more importance.

Aly hates to be rejected, she doesn’t accept it, she always has a plan B for these cases, when Tenjou lets her guard down, Aly takes the duct tape out of her bag, throws herself on top of Tenjou and quickly, ties her hands and all her arms behind her back, you can tell it’s not the first time she does this. He straps her with tape, then takes off Tenjou’s sneakers and socks and gags her with them to stop her from screaming and talking, he takes tape and wraps it around her head several times, squeezing hard, when he is done with the wrapgag, he ties Tenjou’s feet, from her ankles to her knees. Tenjou can’t do anything anymore, and Aly has Tenjou under her control as she wanted. Aly takes more tape and ties her feet together with Tenjou’s chest, making her hogtied, to prevent movement, then ties her big toes together so that she can’t spread them apart and her soles are well exposed and still.

Now the party begins. Aly, she is in love with Tenjou and she wanted this for a long time, to have Tenjou for herself, she is a foot fetishist, and she is in love with Tenjou’s nice feet, having those soles bound without being able to move, she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity, she starts to worship and lick Tenjou’s soles and feet with her tongue, she likes to savor the taste of the feet, she stays a few minutes enjoying her soles.

When she finishes, she also wants to receive some. She sits on top of the sofa and puts her feet on Tenjou’s face, stepping on her with them, and caressing with her feet Tenjou’s gag who can’t do anything, just smell the feet.

Finally Aly, stretches out next to Tenjou and starts kissing and licking Tenjou’s gag and beautiful face… It’s a great night for Aly and it looks like it’s going to be a long one for Tenjou.


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