Humiliating and Blackmailing my Boss

Lena is a young boss who has been treating her workers badly for years, Shey can’t stand her humiliations at work anymore, something has to change, she decides to show up at Lena’s house by surprise, when Lena opens the door Shey attacks her fast, throws her to the floor, grabs her by the arms and drags her to the living room, she sits on top of her boss to restrain her with her legs, Lena keeps complaining to her employee but Shey ignores her, she goes for her mission which is to fuck her day.

Shey binds her boss with several leather straps on her wrists, chest and arms and then legs and ankles, she puts a ballgag on her to make her shut the fuck up and stop being a nuisance. Shey now sees her boss tied up, she laughs at her she doesn’t look so powerful anymore, she sits on the couch to enjoy watching her boss writhing and crying as she tries to untie herself, she just enjoys it as she humiliates her.

Lena is still crying and drooling, Shey decides to change, now he ties her with adhesive tape, tapes all her hands like stumps, then arms and chest and finally legs, ankles and boots. He removes her ballgag to put dirty panties in Shey’s mouth and gags her with several strips of duct tape, Lena tries to spit out the panties but the gag prevents her. Shey now blackmails her boss with better working conditions and if she doesn’t fulfill them, she will come back to fuck her even more and humiliate her even more.

In the next scene, Lena appears tied to a chair with ropes, legs spread, a vibrator strapped over her pussy (not naked) and a leather harness gag over her mouth. Shey turns on the vibrator and sees how her boss starts to get aroused, she laughs at her, just sits on the couch and watches as her boss who is tied to that chair has one orgasm after another without being able to do anything, only Shey will decide when to stop, she is now in control just like her boss when she was in her job.


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