Female Wrestling Bondage: Suji VS Lex

New Wrestling Bondage match, this time Lex against the American Suji.

Wrestling Kitties rules:

Wrestling is real, always done with respect and a good feeling.

Loses the first person who ends up tied hand and foot or hogtied.

Only melee is valid.

The fight is improvised, there are no orders or pacts behind the scenes, only the punishments for the loser are agreed and discussed by both parties before the fight in case of losing.

You can tie the person with all the ropes you want to use and also other materials to tie such as tape, according to the preference of the fighter.

No matter the fighting techniques, most girls are the first time they do these fights in their life, we are not looking for aesthetics or the typical scissors, we just look for something more simple and real, skill and strength.



20 min / 1,4 GB

14,52 $