I Tied and Seduce my Mother-in-law

Tenjou goes to visit her young mother-in-law Silver, she was just trying on a new lingerie catsuit she bought when she bites the door. Silver did not expect her daughter-in-law to come, since her son is not at home, but Tenjou tells her that she wants to talk to her, Silver invites her in, she tells her that she is expected to change, but Tenjou who looks like an innocent girl, invades her privacy, enters the room and slylyly attacks her mother-in-law, pushes her to the bed, blocks her arms and with a rope ties her wrists behind her back, Silver does not understand anything of what Tenjou is doing, but she will soon understand… Tenjou gags her with a ballgag and with a lot of rope continues to tie Silver by the chest and arms, then the ankles, knees and thighs, Silver who is very sexy with this lingerie can hardly move only mmmmphhh but she doesn’t understand it. Tenjou finishes tying her in hogtied.

She already has her mother-in-law helpless, for a long time she wanted to do that and have this moment of intimacy with her, she confesses that she was really still with her son with the excuse of being able to see her, that she was in love with her. Silver is in shock, how could this be happening to her? Tenjou takes off his clothes, stays in his underwear, and starts kissing his mother-in-law’s cheek and massaging her feet, to gradually do the foreplay.

Tenjou goes to prepare a surprise, he leaves Silver alone for a moment, who struggles to try to untie herself from the hogtied as she can, she tries endlessly, but it is useless, she is too well tied. Tenjou comes back, unties her from the hogtied and legs and takes her to the living room.

She pushes Silver to the sofa, makes her sit down, and ties each leg to each leg of the sofa, making Silver who has a lot of flexibility to spread her legs wide. Tenjou takes a vibrator and ties it to Silver’s pussy (not nude), leaves it on, keeps playing with her mother-in-law, who can’t help but be very horny with that vibrator in her pussy, how long will it take for her to have an orgasm? Tenjou continues to fulfill his fantasy with his forbidden love…


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