Jack tied in chair and face licking by 2 sexy girls

Jack thinks he has succeeded, he has invited the sexy and he met the previous night at his house, he intends to play and have a threesome with them, everything goes according to his plan, when Tenjou and Isis arrive at Jack’s house, they also intend to play with him, their game is different, Jack accepts the game, he is too excited to think, the girls make him sit on a chair, Isis sits on top of Jack, while Tenjou, takes the duct tape she has brought and ties his hands back tightly, Jack is surprised by this game, he doesn’t like to lose control and that everything doesn’t go as planned, he starts to complain and the girls gag him with a ballgag, – you have fallen into our trap our game, slugs like you have to get a punishment.

Between Isis and Tenjou they tie Jack’s whole body to the chair, with a lot of tape, tightly, his whole body is hooked on the chair, from the chest, legs and ankles. It is impossible for him to escape from there without anyone’s help.

They laugh at him, start kissing him and drooling on his face with their tongues, run their tongues one on each cheek, drool on his face, spit on his face, fill his face with saliva and spit for a long 10 minutes.

Jack is totally tied up and humiliated, those two girls are fucking him, filling him with disgusting drool all over his face.

Finally they confess to him that the game is not only to fuck him, but to steal whatever he has, the girls leave Jack tied up in the chair, drooling and humiliated while they steal everything he has of value.



23 min / 2,2 GB

18,15 $