Leather Biker Revenge (Video 300 BK)

Special video 300 of Bondage Kitties, thanks for helping us to grow so much and support our videos.

In Barcelona there are 4 biker girl gangs, the most important and the one that is the queen of the gangs is leaded by the Italian girls of which the leader is Mayla, then the Mexican gang leaded by Lala, the Spanish gang leaded by Tenjou and the Ukrainian gang leaded by Lex.

They have leaked Mayla’s secret location, whoever defeats her will be the new queen of the leather biker gangs. Lala doesn’t miss the opportunity, she goes to her apartment, when Mayla is distracted talking business on the phone, Lala ties her from behind with ropes and hogtied and gagged her with a handkerchief in cleave gag, she defeats Mayla, so she becomes the new queen. Tenjou who had the same idea, finds the job done, so she sees the opportunity to overthrow the Mexicans, she attacks Lala, she ties her in hogtied with tape and also gags her with tape, Tenjou is known to be very naughty, so she finds it funny to tie Lala’s face to Mayla’s ass so she has to smell her asshole.

When Tenjou looks like the new queen, Lex appears, attacks Tenjou seeing that she has the best chance of her life, the 3 rival leaders together in the same room. He ties Tenjou in hogtied with leather straps and gags her with a ballgag, to finish, he ties Tenjou’s face on Lala’s ass with a strap from which Tenjou can’t escape from Lala’s beautiful ass. Lex’s three rival girls are tied on hogtied like a train. Lex laughs at them, tells Mayla’s contacts that the Ukrainian gang now leads the city, Lex is the new queen.


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