Lover of her Boyfriends Punish

Isis and Mayla invite Tenjou to talk, they know that bitch has fuck with their boyfriends and they have prepared a tight punishment to make her pay for being a bad friend. Tenjou said it was their boyfriends who seduced her and Isis tapped her mouth while Mayla grabbed her arms, Isis put a sock inside her mouth and Mayla started to film the top part of Tenjou’s torso while Isis had her gagged and submitted. They step up and continue to film the petite body of Tenjou until she’s in a tight translucent cocoon.

But that was just to put the duct tape on top of that. Isis insults her while Mayla wraps her. Tenjou is hot inside the package with no chance to move whatsoever. only her head and ankles are out before the two friends place her on the floor to make her kiss and lick their feet in humiliation. First they make her kiss them while they insult her and make her say sorry for being a traitor whore, then make her lick the soles and all they want. Once they are done with the feet Isis puts a sock on her mouth and wraps gag Tenjou, to finish and just for fun they write on her forehead the word BITCH so whoever finds her sees the kind of person she is.


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