Massage or punishment?

Special video with Alba Zevon and Camelia.

The beautiful Alba Zevon with a nice lingerie set is in her bed while she is hooked to her cell phone, Camelia arrives home, she is very tired from work, her feet are destroyed after hours of working standing, she asks her girlfriend if she can give her that foot massage that she promised her after her days of work, Alba does not pay attention to her, she is with her cell phone and ignores her, this does not sit well with Camelia, who is tired of the same thing happening every afternoon, but this time she will receive the massage from her girlfriend.

Camelia takes the ropes she has and holds her hands behind Alba’s back, to tie them, Camelia makes some incredible knots so that Alba can’t untie herself, she ties her arms, legs and feet, then she ties her ankles and hands with a very tight and strong hogtied, Alba can’t move or escape, – this is your punishment for never listening to me. Camelia makes her kiss her feet and give her that massage with her mouth since she doesn’t give it to her with her hands, Alba has learned her lesson, yet Camelia is still angry with her girlfriend, she puts a huge gag on Alba and leaves her tied on the bed for a few hours while she relaxes so Alba can think about how to take better care of her partner the next day.

Who doesn’t want an intense girlfriend just like Camelia?



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