Girl bound and gagged and smells doctor feet

Lex is a doctor with a kinky secret that she uses to help some of her clients. Lex’s current client has trouble needing to control everything around her. So Lex suggests an unorthodox treatment plan. The client agrees. Lex informs her she will have to hogtie and tapegag her, but she insists she always gets results. The client allows herself to be hogtied and tapegagged.

Lex tells her a secret, she derives pleasure from rubbing her feet all over another pretty girls face. She asks “if she were to put her feet in her face would that be acceptable? ” unable to talk her client shakes her head to say “no”. “perfect” lex says”then today your lesson is to accept the unacceptable”.

Lex removes her shoes that she has been in all day. she tells her client when she learns to accept her place the treatment will be over for today. She begins rubbing her stinky/sweaty feet in her unhappy clients face. With all of her squirming trying to get away from lex’s feet it may take all day for her to learn her lesson but Lex is confidant she can help her.



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