Mistress Shey is a Bad Neighbour

Mistress Shey is the worst neighbor in the world, she has been making her neighbors’ lives miserable for days with her parties. Jack Panda one of her neighbors goes to complain to her house, after a brief argument, Shey grabs him, takes him to the bedroom and pushes him to the bed, with her strong and long legs she stops Jack, who tries to fight, Shey makes some scissors around Jack’s neck, while she hits him in the face and humiliates him verbally, Shey is bored of that bald bastard so she will punish him as much as she can.

Shey with ropes ties Jack’s hands to the bed, one at each end, and with her legs she blocks his head, she forces him to open his mouth and spits in it several times, Jack is very disgusted by that, but he can’t do anything, Shey continues with her humiliation, she takes off her stinking and dirty socks and also forces him to smell them, Jack tries to avoid it but his head is blocked by Shey’s legs, as Jack won’t shut up, Shey gags him with the socks and then with adhesive tape she makes a strong wrapgag of many turns, now Jack only hears her saying mmmmmpghhhhhhh.

Shey facesitting her neighbor, forcing him to sniff her beautiful ass, Jack squirms, he can’t take it anymore. Finally Shey removes the ropes, but takes a leather armbinder and ties his hands and arms, then with straps she ties Jack’s body, locking it and making him a tight hogtied. Shey can’t get enough of humiliating his poor neighbor, he’s enjoying it like never before. He puts a hood on him in which he can only stick his nose out and not see anything, with tape he tapes his mouth and eyes back over the hood. To finish, with ropes she ties Jack’s body even more to the ends of the bed, in case he thought he could move a millimeter, now he can’t, he is completely restrained, he can barely move his toes and little else. Shey laughs at him, leaves him tied up there, how complicated the afternoon has become for poor Jack…


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