Mummified Slave Used as a Seat by Sweaty Mistresses

Lucy and Isis come back from the gym very sweaty, they have returned from the gym without going to the shower, at home their slave Jack is waiting for them on his knees, who lives with them to satisfy exclusively all their needs. The two naughty girls want to play with their slave, make him wipe their sweat and use him as a seat, they mummify him from neck to toe, first with packing tape and then with grey adhesive tape, while tying him up, they make him smell their stinky armpits. They also mummify him with a vibrator hooked on top of his cock.

When they have finished mummifying their slave, they lay him stretched out on the floor, the girls take off their sneakers, make him smell their sweaty socks, rub his nose, then their bare feet, make him lick all the sweat off the soles of their feet and between their toes, until they are clean and shiny. To finish, they take his sweaty, stinky socks and stuff them in his mouth, tape him up and gag him with a big wrap gag.

The girls want to eat now, they are hungry after hours of gym, they put the table on top of their slave and there the food, they take off their trousers and stay in their panties, Isis sits her ass on top of the vibrator and Jack’s cock who turns it on at full power, Lucy sits on top of her slave’s face, they start eating and eating and talking while her slave has to smell his mistress’s sweaty ass. Minutes later they change position and continue eating and talking, Jack has to breathe in every drop of sweat that comes out of their asses, is he a lucky man?


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