Persefone Interrogated by Dominatrixes Shey and Lex (Part 2)

Second part of the video Persefone interrogated by dominatrixes Shey and Lex. Shey and Lex have not yet managed to get Persefone to talk about all the information he got about the corrupt politician, Shey and Lex sent by him to get the info out of Persefone are failing in the mission for the moment. They take Persefone who is now topless to another room, they tie each limb with rope to the St. Andrew’s cross and put a huge ballgag in his mouth which makes him salivate a lot. Lex and Shey start tickling her belly button and ribs, Persefone squirms as much as she can, she can’t stop laughing, Lex and Shey try to make her talk but Persefone holds everything, they tie a vibrator on her leg so that while they tickle her she also feels pleasure on her genitals.
After several minutes of very intense tickling, Persefone is moved to a stretcher, her hands are tied on top and her feet are tied in a clamp in which she cannot move her feet, the gag is changed to a head harness and panel. Lex plays with her breasts while Shey tickles her with an object to give lots of tickling on the soles of her feet, Lex also whips her other foot with a stick, Persefone is getting both bastinado, tickling and vibrating pleasure, it’s too many emotions at once, but she endures without talking, she can’t stop laughing because of the tickling.
Lex and Shey start to get desperate because they see that they can’t get Persefone to talk, they untie her and tie her to a standing column with lots of rope, Shey twists Persefone’s nipples while Lex ties her to the column. When they finish tying her up they turn the vibrator on again, the day is over so they will try again tomorrow, Persefone as punishment will stay tied and gagged all night on that column with the vibrator on her genitals, having orgasm after orgasm non-stop. Will they finally get Persefone to talk tomorrow?


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