Persefone Interrogated by Dominatrixes Shey and Lex

Persefone has top secret information about corrupt politicians, Shey and Lex have been sent by them to get that information and be eliminated. The two of them capture Persefone at her home while she is putting on her makeup and take her to the dungeon for interrogation. Shey and Lex are two very tall and strong girls, they manage to overpower Persefone without any problem, they stretch her on a stretcher and tie her hands and arms on the iron bars of the stretcher, then her legs together from her knees to her ankles with a lot of rope and her big toes, she is also gagged.

Lex and Shey massage the soles of Persefone’s pretty feet with oil, now they start tickling her with their hands and long nails, Persefone laughs a lot, but she won’t talk, she moves a lot so with more ropes they tie her feet to the iron bar so she can’t hardly move them when they tickle her. Shey picks up a massage device which gives unbearable tickling, Persefone can’t stop laughing, she can hardly squirm and has to endure this punishment, they ask her several times if she will talk and give them the information, but Persefone endures for many minutes of tickling, Lex tries whipping her feet with a shovel and Shey with other objects to tickle her, they keep asking, but Persfone is a very tough girl, she manages to endure it all…. Lex and Shey look for another alternative.

They take her to a bed and tie Persefone in a very tight hogtied hogtied, bending the back and neck of her victim, Lex and Shey tell her that she will stay that way until she decides to talk, they leave for a few hours and leave Persefone alone, bound and gagged, how long will she be able to endure that hell of bondage?


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