Police officer tied up and hand in mouth by sexy criminal

Tenjou is a wanted criminal, Jack after years in the police following her trail, manages to find her in a parking lot and capture her dressed as a secret police, puts handcuffs on her and takes her to the car to take her to the police station. There they enter the old interrogation room that the police only use for more secret interrogations. Jack tries to get Tenjou to testify where is the money he has stolen from the bank from his last robbery, but Tenjou laughs at him, she keeps moving and provoking Jack, that makes him leave the room for a moment to go get duct tape to tie Tenjou in the chair so she won’t move, but Tenjou has an ace up his sleeve, he removes a paper clip from his pocket and manages to take off his handcuffs, he puts on his leather gloves and catches Jack attacking when he comes back, he grabs him and sits him on the chair, he puts the handcuffs on Jack, with his hands behind the chair and ties him with several turns of duct tape. He puts the gloves over his mouth so he can’t talk while with the other arm he plays with his breathing, Tenjou has a fetish and loves to play with his victims to make them have a hard time with breathing, then he does the same but with his legs, he makes a scissors with his legs to Jack’s head, he squeezes them and plays with his breathing. Jack is having a hard time, he knows he is humiliated and it could be the end of his career because of this mistake.

When Tenjou already wants to escape and leave, he puts a leather glove of his own in Jack’s mouth, and gags him with several turns of duct tape making a tight wrapgag. He continues to put much more tape all over his body, tying him on the chair, chest, legs and ankles, Tenjou wants to make sure Jack won’t move from there and humiliate him well for when his comrades at the police station find him.

Finally Tenjou says goodbye to him, but not before playing a little more with Jack’s breathing by covering his mouth with his gloved hand.

Tenjou leaves and Jack has lost the opportunity of a lifetime and promotion to be humiliated by a delinquent.



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