Quarantine Bound and Punished

We are in quarantine by Covid in 2020, Silver and Tenjou are roommates, they have been locked up for months and their relationship is horrible. Tenjou is practicing shibari self-tie in the living room, Silver intrudes and wants to use that space and Tenjou reproaches her to go to her room, both of them argue and a physical and verbal fight starts. Tenjou manages to restrain Silver with her body, she takes one of the ropes and ties her hands behind Silver’s back, as if she was a policewoman but with ropes. Silver complains and insults her roommate, who decides to take off her dirty socks to put them in Silver’s mouth, she takes a leather head harness gag and puts it on her to gag her so she can’t spit out the socks, Silver just mmmmmphhhh, her jaw is locked and she can barely say anything. Tenjou continues to tie her partner with ropes, arms and breasts locked and legs in buddha position.

When he finally has his partner tied up, he feels like fucking her and punishing her, for being so unbearable during these months of quarantine. Tenjou wraps her legs around Silver’s neck and makes different scissors, pressing her thighs against her neck, while laughing at her. Then she puts her feet on her face, stepping on her face and making her smell her feet and ass, Silver feels very humiliated, but Tenjou tells her that she will be like this for the rest of the quarantine, being her little whore and slave.

Tenjou is annoyed that Silver is in the living room, taking up her space, takes her to Silver’s room, throws her on the bed and ties her in hogtied with her legs crossed to make it much more uncomfortable. Then with more rope he ties her to the bed at each end in an X shape. Silver can barely move two centimeters, she is totally tied to that bed, where Tenjou will let her spend the whole quarantine. She will only move her to relieve herself, she will eat when Tenjou wants and whatever she wants. Silver will be a prisoner of her own house for a few more months, which will be very long for her…



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