Two hustlers mummify girl, lick her feet and rob her

Nereida and Aly, two swindlers posing as electricians, knock on the door of their next victim, Lex, she opens the door and tells them that there are power failures in the building and that if there is a problem they should call a number they give her.

Shortly after Lex’s power goes out, they have manipulated the electrical panel of the building so that Lex calls them urgently, their plan works and Lex desperately calls them to come to his house. Once at Lex’s house, in seconds they solve the electrical problem, Lex is going to thank their services, but she does not have time, Nereida grabs her from behind and drags her into the dining room, between Aly and Nereida, they get Lex can not move throwing her to the floor and getting on top of her, Aly takes out the compressive tape and begins to tie Lex’s feet and legs while Nereida holds her hands tightly and gags her with a ballgag so she can not ask for help or scream. Aly starts tying Lex’s hands and torso with Nereida’s help, they mummify her whole body, from her shoulders to her ankles, the compressive tape is very resistant and Lex, despite her size and strength, cannot do anything to escape or get loose, she is at the mercy of the two hustlers.

While Nereida begins to steal the valuables that are around Lex’s house, Aly likes to play with her victims, she is a great foot fetishist, her victim has a European 42, something uncommon in a woman, and she can’t resist licking them. She takes off his socks and starts licking Lex’s soles and toes with her tongue.  They stay like that for a while, until Nereida reappears on the scene to tell them that she has everything and they have to leave.

The two hustlers abandon the mummified and gagged Lex on the dining room floor, writhing, trying to do something to escape, but she can do nothing but wait for someone to rescue her.



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