2 naugthy girls having fun with you

Lex and Isis are two beautiful girls that you have hosted in your house through an app to stay a few days of vacation. You are in your room waking up from your nap, when you see that those two beautiful girls , enter without warning, invading your privacy, they are only wearing lingerie, they both look at you smiling, one of them, Lex,  carries some ropes, Isis, the other one, gets on the bed and sits on top of you, they both grab your arms. They are very strong and quickly tie one of your hands to the headboard of the bed, then they tie your other hand to the other end of the headboard, your hands are already tied, they laugh, they continue tying your feet to each end of the bed, to end up being  in a cross,  and leave you so you can’t move, why do they do that? What do those two naughty goddesses want from you? You will soon find out.

They don’t want you to squeal or talk, so they put a ball gag in your mouth so you can only mmmmmpppghh with your mouth. They both stare at you the whole time, smiling at you sitting on the bed next to you. You try to untie yourself using your strength, but it’s impossible, they have tied you up so well, you know right away that you will only escape when they want to.

They start with their feet, they want you to worship their big feet, Lex with a 43 and Isis with a 41, they put all 4 feet on your face so you can sniff it,  the smell of their soles, so get ready because you are going to smell them for a long time, you will see how they rub those feet all over your face without stopping or giving you a second of breathe, but it doesn’t end here, for a few seconds they will free you from the gag so you can use your tongue to lick and taste them, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to do it, it’s not an option for you, you will have to do it, you have to lick the 4  goddesse’s feet.

Well you already licked the tasty feet, you are too lucky, now Now the goddesses want you to drink their saliva, they both  spit in your mouth and lick your face with their tongues, they will impregnate you with their saliva, until you have a whole layer of their saliva on your face, now you can open your mouth wide while they spit in it, it’s the only thing you can drink during the next hours.

Now they gag you again with that beautiful ballgag that squeezes your mouth, they bring one last surprise, a powerful vibrator, they will use it with you, on your cock, but you will wish they didn’t, you will notice how that vibrator gives pleasure to your cock, while they watch you and laugh at you, you know that if that lasts a few more minutes you will cum, but there are some rules, they tell you that you can’t cum or they will put you in a chastity cage, you can’t do it, but they will make it hard for you, while they stare you in the eyes, you are fucked if you cum, you hold on, your dick looks like it’s going to explode at any moment, but they stop, let the heat go down and your dick loosens up. They are going to be nice to you, they will let you cum but you will only have 5 seconds to do it, if you don’t cum, you will be tied up all afternoon in that bed. They put that vibrator on your cock, the countdown starts, they count slowly from 5 to 0, you are about to cum, you can make it, the pleasure is very intense, but the 0 arrives just when you were about to cum, fuck, you have lost, they are indignant, they will give you your punishment for not obeying them, they leave you tied up while they go sightseeing in the city until they come back in a few hours, then we will see what they do with you, but you are waiting for a good afternoon tied and gagged in that bed with a huge horniness and without being able to do anything…



23 min /900MB

14,52 $