Christmas Lottery

4 sexy girls are at the house of one of them talking about their things, Persefone is attentive to the Christmas lottery draw, she has won the jackpot, many millions of euros, the friends celebrate effusively together and ask Persefone to have some detail with them, but she says no, she is going to go to live in Bali and forget to see her again. Dolly and Mayla grab her with force and Tenjoy ties her hands with ropes to her back and chest, Mayla gags her with a ballgag that makes Persefone drool, she sees how she can not do anything with her friends who are betraying her. Tenjou finishes tying her up while Dolly and Mayla tell her what they will do with all their money. Finally Tenjou ties her up in hogtied.

When it seems that everything is going to be like that, Dolly and Tenjou betray Mayla, they don’t want to share among so many people, they also tie her in hogtied between the two, Mayla gets very angry and can only see how the opportunity to be a millionaire escapes her, being tied together with Persefone.

Dolly and Tenjou look like they are going to leave, but at the last minute Tenjou throws Dolly to the floor and with ropes also ties her in hogtied and gags her with a ballgag. The three girls are tied up on the living room floor, unable to do anything, Tenjou is the one who will win the lottery prize. Before saying goodbye she confesses to them that she always wanted to do something with them, she licks the soles of each of their feet, they didn’t know that her friend was such a fetishist.

When she finishes licking the soles of the feet of each friend, Tenjou takes the lottery ticket and goes to the office to collect it and enjoy her millions, the friends are tied on the floor without being able to do anything, just writhe and do mmmmphh, they will get untied? what is certain is that they will never see Tenjou again.


30 min / 1,2 GB

18,15 $