Cleaner is tied up by Mistress Lex and then gets revenge

Tenjou, a young woman looking for a job, answers an ad to be a cleaner in a shibari place. She is received by Lex, a leather-clad dominatrix who tells her that she will be paid well but that in return there are basic rules and that if she does not comply with them there will be a punishment and gives her a leather uniform to work in.

Within days of working there, Tenjou does her job badly, Lex sees how she is not cleaning her bamboos well and has to punish her for doing a bad job, he decides to make her a prisoner. He takes ropes and ties her hands and arms making her a strong strappado, he gags her with a red ballgag, tight in her mouth, to make her be quiet while he keeps tying her up, she is in a soundproof room, it is useless for her to scream, but she wants to see him gagged and humiliated as part of the punishment. He continues to tie her legs, ankles and finally makes a tight hogtied by joining her ankles with her arms. Lex tells her that he is going to do some chores and that she will be tied up all the hours of her work day.

Tenjou begins a struggle against the ropes that bind her, over the hours, she manages to untie herself and hides since she doesn’t have the key to escape from the premises.

When Lex arrives, he sees all the ropes on the floor but not Tenjou, she surprises him from behind, and with a roll of adhesive tape that she took, she ties Lex’s hands behind her back giving many turns to her hands so that she can’t untie herself. To gag her, he puts a dirty handkerchief in her mouth and wraps her mouth with tape, making a nice tight wrapgag, Lex can no longer complain, she can only be heard saying mmmmmpgghhhh. Tenjou laughs at her as he takes his revenge, he keeps tying her up tightly, she has a lot of rage and desire to tie her up, he ties her feet, ankles, legs with the duct tape.

Once Tenjou completes her revenge and has Lex tied up and unable to move or escape, she leaves her struggling uselessly on the floor, tied and gagged, from this I doubt very much that Lex can escape…



28 min / 1,2 GB

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