Couple tied up by babysitter

Aly is not happy with the services of the babysitter Tenjou, she has a small meeting with her to fire her and complain to the babysitting company. Tenjou does not find Aly’s excuses for firing her reasonable, and does not want the company to fire her just before the summer vacations, which is when she has the most clients. She is very vindictive, she decides without thinking about it to take the adhesive tape and tie Aly’s hands behind her back, Aly is surprised, she barely has time to react, Tenjou wraps her with a lot of tape tying her arms and chest and then with a handkerchief gags her in cleavegag, makes her sit on the chair and continues tying her legs next to the chair, so that she can not get up and then her ankles. When he finishes with Aly he prepares for the arrival of Jack, Aly’s husband, he has just a few minutes to get home from work.

When Jack arrives home, he finds Aly tied up in the chair, Tenjou asks him to move away, jack begs him not to do anything crazy, Tenjou orders him to turn around and ties and gags him just like Aly in the chair.

He already has the couple tied up, one in each chair and together back to back, he takes another roll of ultra strong duct tape and ties the bodies together of Aly and Jack, he mummifies them almost complete to the chairs. Finally he gags them together with duct tape, taping their heads together and also covers their eyes so they can’t see anything. It is impossible for them to untie themselves or escape.

The couple is in distres, the babysitter says goodbye to them for the last time, leaves them at home tied up and goes in search of another family to take care of their family.



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