Crazy woman steals nurse’s uniform and mummifies her

Tenjou is a young and pretty nurse who works in the psychiatric hospital, it is her turn to attend the craziest patient, Lala, she enters her room and sees the straitjacket on the floor, Lala has managed to escape from her, before she can react, Lala who was waiting for her, attacks her from behind, puts her hand on her nose and mouth and Tenjou fades away.

Lala steals Tenjou’s uniform which strips her naked and leaves her in lingerie, Lala puts on the nurse’s uniform to be able to go unnoticed and escape, but first she has to make sure that Tenjou can not give the alarm, so she takes her to a punishment room that there is for patients when they misbehave…

Tenjou opens her eyes, she is stretched out on the stretcher, Lala grabs her with her strong legs, blocking her arms so that she can’t move, gags her with her socks so that she can’t scream and mummifies her whole with medical tape. She mummifies her from head to toe, leaving only eyes and nose uncovered, Tenjou looks like a real Egyptian mummy. Lala ties her with leather straps to the stretcher so that Tenjou can hardly move her body from the stretcher.

Lala thanks her for helping him escape and leaves. Tenjou is left in that mummified and bound room, waiting for someone to rescue her and hopefully not be mistaken for a crazy patient….


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