Substitute players mummify and humiliate team captain

After humiliating and punishing their coach Jack in the previous video, the substitute players return to attack the team captain and coach’s favorite player, Aly. They are very jealous of her, she always starts and plays all the minutes, they are always substitutes. They have a plan, while Aly is doing yoga in the relaxation room of the hotel, Aisha and Lex attack her, with the strength of the two, they quickly manage to catch Aly, who does not understand what is happening, while Aisha holds her arms with all her strength, Lex ties her with a very wide adhesive tape, Lex takes some socks that he had dirty, puts them in Aly’s mouth and covers them with a lap of that big adhesive tape, then he makes a big wrapgag that covers her mouth.

Between the two of them they mummify Aly from head to toe, Aly is a tape mummy, she can’t move, her partners have her tied up. The humiliation does not end, with several ropes, Aisha and Lex who know how to use them, tie Aly over the tape in different points of the body, and suspend her in the bamboo of the room, Aly is mummified and suspended, it is impossible that she can never escape from there.

Aisha and Lex’s game doesn’t end, they take out two vibrators and start playing with Aly and her body sensitivity, Aly can’t do anything else but accept the pleasure that two vibrators produce in her body. They leave her with tape, the vibrator tied over her pussy, so she can have a lot of fun, before they say goodbye, Aly and Lex lick her face with their tongues, finally they say goodbye, for the first time, Aly won’t play a game and she won’t be a substitute either.



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