Deceived, tied up and robbed by her friend

Lex is worried, she needs a lot of money, she doesn’t know how to get it, she tells her friend Gen in case she can help her, Gen tells her how a friend of hers faked a robbery and the insurance paid her expenses. Lex thinks it’s a good idea and Gen proposes to do the same, she accepts.

Gen starts tying Lex with duct tape over his leather jacket, she ties his hands behind him, tightly, it has to look like a real robbery, then she ties his chest and arms together with a lot of tape and twists. Gen takes a handkerchief, puts it in Lex’s mouth, she is a little surprised but she knows it is part of the theater, he gags her with many turns of adhesive tape making a good wrapgag, finally he ties her legs with also a lot of tape over her thighs dressed in leather and her long high heeled boots.

Gen when she has Lex almost tied up, confesses to her that she doesn’t understand how Lex could believe that story of her friend, that it is all a lie and that he is really tying her up to take her things, Lex very angry and surprised at the same time, tries to attack Gen, but she is completely tied up, she fights and fights but she can’t do anything against the tape that ties her whole body, she crawls on the floor, trying to untie herself while Gen steals her things, will Lex get untied or will Gen empty the floor?



12 min / 600 MB

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