Extortionist Girl Interrogates Journalist

Aly is a young journalist with a lot of talent, she recently managed to take some photos that involve a big businessman in a turbulent and corrupt business. The businessman knows that she took those photos and has sent Isis, his best person to make any information that goes against him disappear.

Isis attacks Aly in the staircase of her house, takes her to a place where she has prepared her interrogation, she ties Aly’s fists with tape so that her hands are useless, then she wraps a lot of tape around her chest blocking her arms, Aly tries to ask for help and Isis gags her with a black ballgag. Finally Isis tapes Aly’s legs so that she can’t move. She takes some straps and ties Aly’s body to the chair beforehand.

Isis insists that she tell him her cell phone pin number to access the cloud and delete all the backups of the photos. Aly doesn’t want to tell him anything so Isis starts her interrogation. She puts on a strap-on and grabs a dildo from a black cock, takes off Aly’s ballgag and shoves the dildo in her mouth, deep, making her lick it and gag. Aly can’t do anything, just lick that dildo, she tries to hold on but Isis fucks her mouth hard. She unties him from the chair and pulls her against the table, so she can better penetrate her mouth with the dildo.

After several minutes of eating the dildo, Aly can’t take it anymore, she tells him her pin code and Isis manages to delete her photos and all the backups. Isis calls her boss to tell him that it has been a success, he asks for one last order and that is that Aly does not bother her again. Isis takes a large cardboard box, puts Aly in it bound and gagged and tapes the box shut. She leaves, leaving Aly in the box until someone manages to rescue the young journalist.


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