Two girls in leather bound and gagged with duct tape by Lex

Lala and Scarlett are two leather loving girls who are in Madrid in a safe house with secret papers, while they are meeting in the living room, Lala starts to lick her leather jacket very slowly, she enjoys every moment licking the jacket and smelling the leather, Scarlett starts to get horny and Lala starts to lick Scarlett’s leather jacket too, they touch and rub each other between their jackets, smelling the leather. Scarlett receives an urgent call and has to leave for a few minutes, Lala is left alone and at that moment Lex comes into action, she wants to keep the secret papers, so she attacks Scarlett from behind covering her hand with her mouth, and then gagging her with a ballgag, then with adhesive tape she ties Scarlett’s hands behind the lounge chair, then her chest giving her many turns of tape, so her back is tight against the chair and she can’t escape, finally she ends up tying her ankles.

Lala ends the call and enters the living room, she finds Scarlett tied with a lot of tape on a chair, before she can react, she is attacked by Lex, Lex ties Lala in the same way on the other chair.

When Scarlett and Lala are totally tied up and humiliated, Lex puts a handkerchief over the gags that completely cover their mouths, now you can barely hear them say mmmmmfffffffppghhh.

Lex rides them as she watches them, she is thinking how to punish them some more and be meaner, she notices that Lala and Scarlett’s socks smell bad, Lex ungags the girls and removes the socks from each one, she puts Scarlett’s socks in Lala’s mouth and then gags her with duct tape, all over her mouth, giving her a lot of head. Then he does the same thing to Scarlett but with Lala’s stinky socks.

Lex has finished his job, so he leaves the apartment and leaves Lala and Scarlett there tied to their fate…


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