Famous Influencer tied for her fans

Mayla is a famous influencer who is dedicated to making practical jokes to people, thanks to this, she has achieved a lot of fame and has to be always at a high level. Now she wants to prank her roommate Tenjou, with whom they already agreed that they would never prank each other for their channel, but Mayla breaks the pact. She catches Tenjou by surprise, tapes her hands behind her back, pulls off her socks and stuffs them in her mouth, taping them into a tight wrapgag so that she can’t complain. She continues to tie her roommate’s chest and legs together, using so much tape that he almost mummifies her, she also ties her big toes together.

When she has her tied up, she starts a live broadcast on his channel, so that all his followers can see how she has humiliated his roommate, she makes her do a challenge, if she wants to untie herself, she will have to crawl on the floor like a worm until she gets the scissors at the end of the corridor, all while his followers watch it live. Tenjou starts to crawl as best she can, it’s hard for her, but she makes progress little by little, crawling as she is bound and gagged and is the object of Mayla’s mockery.

When she is about to arrive, Mayla’s boyfriend calls Mayla on the phone, who interrupts her Live, Mayla starts arguing with her boyfriend, she gets rid of Tenjou who gets the scissors and manages to untie herself with difficulty. Now she wants revenge, she grabs her ropes. Mayla is still clueless arguing, Tenjou attacks her from behind and manages to tie her hands with the ropes, then he does the same to her, he takes the sock Tenjou was gagging her with full of drool and puts it in Mayla’s mouth, how disgusting, Tenjou gags her with tape. He keeps tying Mayla with a lot of rope on her chest, so that she can’t escape, she won’t get that chance, Tenjou is very angry and will show no mercy in tying her up.

She takes a chair and sits Mayla on it, ties her ankles together at the top, so that her legs are tucked up in a sitting position, ties her legs all the way up and then to her hips, so that Mayla is tucked up like a package.

Finally he puts a head harness gag on top of the tape gag, to fuck her even more. Now it’s time for revenge, Tenjou takes Mayla’s mobile phone and starts a live show with Mayla’s fans, so that all her fans can see her tied up and humiliated, Tenjou leaves the phone on the tripod so that the phone is recording live while Mayla writhes pathetically without being able to do anything, her fans laugh at her. Tenjou goes away and leaves her tied up. It’s the best live performance in the history of her channel?


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