Girl Bound and Held by Inheritance

Shey has captured her cousin in a room of her house, the reason? Tenjou has inherited the entire fortune of a relative, Shey claims her share which would be half, but Tenjou refuses as it does not appear in the will, Shey has always been the black sheep of the family. Shey decided it would be a good idea to capture her and tie her up until she gave in, so now Tenjou is her prisoner. She is dressed in a leather top, skirt and boots, bound on hands, chest and legs with ropes, she screams for Shey to let her go, but Shey who is annoyed with her screams, grabs her with socks and stuffs them in her mouth, then with foam tape, gags her with a good wrapgag and leaves, leaving her cousin alone.

Here is a 10 minutes scene of Tenjou writhing and fighting with the ropes trying to untie herself, but she doesn’t succeed, Shey sees that she is moving too much, comes back, ties her in hogtied joining ankles with arms. Then he changes her gag for a ballgag. Will you give me my share of the inheritance? Tenjou still refuses, so he leaves her alone again for 10 minutes fighting with the ropes, this time Tenjou can hardly move, just mmmmphh with her mouth.

Shey returns, this time she wants all the inheritance for herself, she takes her cousin, unties her legs, removes her skirt and leaves her in her panties, she takes her to the living room to keep her under control because she doesn’t trust her to escape. He ties her to a chair, each leg to a leg. He then ties her with more rope to the chair and removes her ballgag to put the same socks in her mouth again and a head harness gag. Now Shey sits next to her, simply watching her, as her cousin writhes and moans, it’s pathetic, she smiles at her, she enjoys seeing her cousin she hates so much in such a desperate and humiliating situation, Shey plays psychologically with her. Finally when she gets tired, she goes away for a while and leaves her cousin tied up in that chair. How long will Tenjou resist?



39 min / 1,40 MB

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