Girl is tied up so she won’t go to trial to testify

Tenjou is a young woman who has to testify in a trial, she is the most important witness, Lex is the defendant, and she wants to prevent Tenjou from testifying against her.

Lex enters Tenjou’s house in the early morning, while Tenjou is napping in her room, Lex sneaks in with a lot of rope, his idea is not nice at all. She throws herself on top of Tenjou, putting herself on top, they fight each other for a few seconds, but Lex has the advantage and is stronger, she manages to hold Tenjou’s arms behind her back and quickly ties her hands very tightly, Tenjou tries to call for help, but it’s hard for them to hear her, just in case, Lex takes off her socks and puts them in her mouth, gagging her and to make sure those socks stay tight in her mouth, with duct tape she wraps her around a lot making a good wrapgag.

Tenjou can’t untie or scream, she moves uselessly, Lex continues to tie her arms tightly, he makes a good strappado so that her arms are tight and tense, Les is achieving his goal, Tenjou desperately with the fingers of her hands tries to undo a knot, Lex laughs at her, he knows it is useless to get anything, but still, he wraps her hand completely with adhesive tape.

With a rope he ties the strappado and anchors it to the headboard of the bed, Lex follows with the legs he makes a couple of ties to each leg, tying them in hogtied position, joining ankle to thigh, and anchors each leg to one end of the foot of the bed. Tenjou is fully hogtied and tied to the bed at the same time. Lex laughs at her, he knows that Tenjou will not go to trial and that she will win.

Lex could leave her she knows it is impossible for her to untie herself, but she wants to be meaner, she wants to punish her, she ties a rope on the tail of her head and also ties her on the headboard of the bed, causing Tenjou to arch her back and cervicals, an uncomfortable and painful position for every second that passes for Tenjou tied up.

Lex is going to win the trial by abandoning Tenjou.



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