Girls Capture Tourist for Facesitting

Shey and Tenjou are two young and very sexy girls who are dedicated to capture lost tourists in Barcelona. Jack Panda is lost in a half-abandoned shopping mall, Shey captures him by putting a hood on his head and tying his hands with bridles.

She takes him to a house, where Tenjou is waiting for him, ready to mummify the new victim with wrapping film. The two girls mummify the poor tourist Jack who can do nothing, Shey removes his socks and puts them in his mouth to keep him quiet, then gags him with a large tape, giving him many turns and making an excellent wrapgag to keep Jack’s mouth tightly closed.

Once Jack is mummified with another layer of tape, they take him to the room where the gurney is, the girls take off their pants and keep their underwear on. During long sequences, they sit their beautiful asses and buttocks on Jack’s face so that he has to sniff their assholes with his nose, taking turns, blocking Jack’s head so that he can’t move it and is obliged to sniff those assholes. The girls have fun with the tourist, humiliating him and laughing at him while they smash his head with their asses.

Finally after several minutes of play, the girls decide to make a small pause, take ropes and secure Jack’s body tying him to the stretcher so that he is well tied to it and can not move a muscle from there. The girls leave the room and leave the poor tourist tied up, after living the strangest experience of his life, he only wanted to see the Sagrada Familia…



31 min / 1,15 GB

14,52 $